Friday, October 5, 2007

One hour to go!

At the finish line. The bottom line is I was committed to completing this journey and I did. Not my favorite ride. Would rather be headed to the water but none the less here I am. Maurice will see me soon.

First, I have learned how to Blog. Yeah. Got something figured out. I enjoyed some aspects of this program. But many frustrated me. I liked watching some videos on YouTube and exploring LibraryThing. I am confused on all the different sites - Rollyo, Technorati, SandBox and I need one on one tutoring for this stuff. And any wiki I visit I would need to know the participants. I would not use wiki to do research. Give me an encyclopedia! I didn't find one podcast worthwhile. Someone would have to send me a link to get me to do that again.

I am still not fluent on setting up RSS feeds and would like to get better at that. Too much stuff out there. I still need a good reference guide - give me a librarian!


I set up an account with Overdrive and put a book on hold. I have done this in the past through the library.


After finding only junk this frustrated me. I found something because I liked the name and added it to my favorites - feed on my internet explorer page. It is called Outlaw Punk Cowboy show.


This is fun. Looked at commercials from the 70s. My favorite was funny wedding videos. No matter what language it is in it is still funny. Watch the fainting grooms!

I am struggling with getting my account verified on YouTube so here is the link.

Web 2.0 Awards

Well, I have actually been in this world having joined LinkedIn previously. I am going to update my profile and see if I can make some connections.

I also checked out and I thought that could be a useful tool. This site allows your customers to see an update on projects.

Google Docs

Ok, and yet again I have created another online account with a password. I can see how easy this one was. I still need to have a certain level of security knowing my software is downloaded on my computer versus my stuff being out there on the web.

The Sandbox

Hello Fellow Harford County Public Library 23 Things people - I am heading towards the finish line of this project and that is a favorite thing. Other favorite things include sunsets, dinner with friends, my kid's smiles, hugs, sitting on the beach, laughing, learning, loving. May sound corny but hey what really matters? Oh, and a gelati from Ritas!

And now I realize that I have added my blog to the Library Sandbox. Uggh! For the whole world to see